Send Emails To Their Inbox, Not Spam Folder

Increase revenue on your next email campaign.

So Easy To Use, Really.

3 steps towards improving your email marketing results.

1. Import

With a simple drag and drop to upload, import your email database or list easily.

2. Analyze

Then just two quick clicks or API calls and the magic analyzation process begins.

3. Deploy

Integrate with your current providers, like MailChimp, Constant Contact and Salesforce.

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Intelligent workflow

Say hello to real-time analytics

No more attempts at sending email marketing to non-existent or undeliverable users. This affects the placement and delivery for all emails in your audience.

  • Improved Statistics
  • Unlimited Audiences
  • Remove Known Complainers, Spam Traps, and More
  • No Code Required
  • Always Up To Date
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"I'm really impressed with how accurate the results are. My lists are now 100% deliverable.".
— Anastasia Kuntz - HighFive

Integrated workflow designed for marketing teams

No matter what the threat level is - we have you covered with AnalyzeMail.

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Stop Sending Emails That Bounce

Because repeatedly sending to the same non-existent email address will adversly impact your deliverability to all of the other email addresses in your audience.

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Send To Your Happy People

People that are known complainers are problematic. These are toxic users that you or your company do not want in your audience. They very easily can equate to loss of revenue and additionally adverse deliverability to your happy users. Don't let a bad apple spoil the bunch.

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Like Life, Spam Traps Happen

Keep your data center happy and have your audience analyzed frequently to remove these potentially dangerous email addresses out of your contact lists.

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Say Goodbye To The Undeliverables

Unlike our competitors, we actually check to ensure that your user's email address is deliverable. No one else gives you this level of accuracy.

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Make Sure To Contact Your CPA When Your Revenue Skyrockets

Unbeknownst to many, even one bad user in your audience can severly hamper your deliverability which directly affects your revenue. Start earning all that's possible with your audience and start analyzing your emails regularly today.

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From the big picture to every tiny detail, we have you covered.

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Be the change you want to see

. For developers

Very easy to implement modular API. Use what you need without a headache.

. For marketers

Your bottom line is what defines your worth as a marketer. Improve yours today with our easy to use platform. You're clicks away from a boost!

. For enterprise

You have specialized needs and requirements, we're here to help. Contact us directly to learn more about our customized enterprise solutions.

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We're platform agnostic. Integrate with any provider with our simple to use API or pre-built integrations.

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